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360-643-3454   -
P.O. Box 423  Chimacum, WA 98368
Welcome to a Gallery of my work
Here you’ll find a collection of my latest work, including websites for: Rotary Clubs, Non-Profits, Political Campaigns, Law Enforcement
Manufacturing, Realtors, Church & Community, Construction, Authors, Resataurant's.
I hope you’ll find something here that resonates with you.
Thank you for visiting!”

With over twenty five years as a Rotarian I have designed and managed Rotary club websites for those clubs desiring a custom feel and look for their club site that sets their club apart
A design or a redesign for your product that meets the specific needs of today's business environment.  Dynamic product presentations or perhaps an on-line store
Design a new site for  a user friendly website experience. Or redesign your existing site to address your communities needs.

Showcase your artistic talents with a dynamic presentation of your work.
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